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Yoga Class

Monday, 05.10.2009, 19:00 h
Windhoek West

When: Mondays, 19h00 20h30

Where: Windhoek West, Please phone for specific directions

Who: Anyone! Beginners and experienced students all welcome.

What: In its simplest form, yoga is a set of exercises which promote flexibility, balance and strength while developing a feeling of relaxation. You do not need to be physically fit, strong or flexible to do yoga. Yoga is wonderful for all body types. The postures can be adapted to fit your physical abilities.

Yoga not only promotes physical health, but mental health as well. By becoming observant of the variety of sensations that you feel in the postures, you learn to quiet and calm the mind. You also learn to listen to connect with your body and honor it as a source of wisdom, power and beauty.

How much: N$40/class

For more information please contact:
Linda Raven 081 - 325 64 98

Organiser: Linda Raven

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